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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Regional Spending Cuts Support Downbeat Outlook - JUNE 2016

Americas May 2016 / Latin America / Industry

Reduced spending by weakened state-owned oil producers in Latin America will exacerbate underinvestment in a number of countries and undermine ambitious development plans in key markets, supporting a gradual rebalancing of global supplies.


Industry Trend Analysis - Major Policy Change Offers Upside To Production - JUNE 2016

Asia May 2016 / India / Industry

The Indian government's decision to raise the natural gas price for undeveloped discoveries in hard-to-access areas, alongside recent regulatory improvements, will spur exploration and pose significant upside risks to our gas production forecast for India post-2020.


Industry Trend Analysis - European Gas Auctions Signal More Competitive Approach - JUNE 2016

Emerging Europe May 2016 / Russia / Industry

The success of Gazprom's second gas auction will encourage more of its kind and will be an increasingly important part of the company's plan to remain competitive in its key European markets.


Industry Trend Analysis - Contract Expiry Opens Window Of Opportunity For Asian Importers - JUNE 2016

Middle East & Africa May 2016 / Qatar / Industry

Asia will remain the dominant importer of Qatari LNG over the decade. However, in a buyer's market Qatar will have to show increased flexibility in its contract negotiations to maintain its position in the region.


Industry Trend Analysis - Subsea Innovation To Unlock Barents Potential - JUNE 2016

Western Europe May 2016 / Norway / Industry

In order to promote the long-term attractiveness of oil and gas in Norway, Statoil is targeting lower project costs through simplified and standardised concepts for remote developments. Subsea innovation will be essential to exploration and development of the Barents region.