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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Latam LNG Imports Have Topped Out - APR 2018

Americas April 2018 / Latin America / Industry

LNG imports into Latin America will trend lower over the next five years on the back of higher domestic production and continued dependence on pipeline supplies. Chile will be the largest importer of LNG in the region through 2022.


Industry Trend Analysis - Pro-Gas Policies To Fuel Regional Gas Growth - APR 2018

Asia April 2018 / Asia / Industry

Asia will continue to be a global engine for refined fuels consumption growth over our forecast period, supported by favourable macroeconomic and demographic trends in its emerging markets. The region's production and consumption of natural gas are set to prosper over the coming years, amid accelerating state efforts to curb air pollution and steering the national energy mix towards cleaner-energy sources.


Industry Trend Analysis - Quick View: Exx-It As Sanctions Bite - APR 2018

Emerging Europe April 2018 / Russia / Industry

ExxonMobil announced that it will be withdrawing from a number of its joint venture agreements signed with Rosneft in 2013 and 2014


Industry Trend Analysis - Gas Output Resurgent, Yet Unsustainable - APR 2018

Middle East & Africa April 2018 / Algeria / Industry

The addition of new gas from the Touat, Reggane North, Timimoun and Tinhert fields will be the driving force behind modest production growth in Algeria over the next three years.


Industry Trend Analysis - ETS Reform Offers Longer Term Visibility - APR 2018

Western Europe April 2018 / Europe / Industry

Approval of the latest reforms for the EU ETS will buoy confidence of a future tightening in the market from around 2020. However, we maintain that reform of the EU's ETS will be insufficient to raise the price of carbon to the level needed to drive wholesale coal-to-gas switching in Europe's power sector.