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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Fuels Consumption To Drop On Efficiency, Urbanisation - JAN 2017

Americas November 2016 / North America / Industry

Refined fuels consumption in North America will peak before 2020 on the back of increased fuel efficiency and slowing growth in key sectors. Continued urbanisation will also limit demand as consumers turn toward mass transit and alternative modes of transport.


Industry Trend Analysis - Outlook Bearish For Ambitious Shale Gas Plan - JAN 2017

Asia November 2016 / China / Industry

Sustained investment by the SOEs will ensure China's shale production continues to grow, though a complex geology, an adverse pricing environment and ample supply from imports will challenge the government's ambitious production targets.


Industry Trend Analysis - Returning Risk Appetite Targets New Arctic Wells - JAN 2017

Emerging Europe November 2016 / Russia / Industry

Greater stability in oil prices and the rouble is boosting risk appetite among Russian majors, with companies targeting wells in the Katanga area of East Siberia over 2017. New areas of conventional production will be needed to support Russia's long-term oil production.


Industry Trend Analysis - South Pars: Milestone Reached But Risks Remain - JAN 2017

Middle East & Africa November 2016 / Iran / Industry

The announcement of the Total-led consortium deal for South Pars marks a significant warming in investor sentiment towards the Iranian upstream. However, political and financing risks will continue to constrain widespread investment.


Industry Trend Analysis - OPAL Exemption Slows Nord Stream II Push - JAN 2017

Western Europe November 2016 / Europe / Industry

The European Commission's decision to allow Gazprom more access to the OPAL pipeline will only marginally reduce gas transit through Ukraine as EU gas demand continues to strengthen, and momentum behind the Nord Stream II project wanes.