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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Onshore Round Solidifies Production Upside - MAR 2016

Americas February 2016 / Mexico / Industry

The success of Mexico's third license tender demonstrates ongoing government efforts to improve the attractiveness of the upstream investment environment, strengthening momentum for future rounds. The development of onshore deposits will increase demand for OFS providers and supports our upbeat long-term production forecast.


Industry Trend Analysis - Shale Gas Target Remains Out Of Reach - MAR 2016

Asia February 2016 / China / Industry

China is set to underwhelm in its shale gas production over 2015-2024. Major growth will be hindered by complex geology, a deficit in physical infrastructure and diminishing investor interest in costly shale operations amid sustained weakness in low oil prices. This will lead to weaker-than-anticipated exploitation of the country's vast shale gas potential.


Industry Trend Analysis - Gas Discoveries Highlight Strong Prospectivity - MAR 2016

Emerging Europe February 2016 / Turkey / Industry

The positive exploration results in the Thrace Basin show good prospectivity and has led us to revise up our gas production forecast, with the potential of further gas discoveries presenting upside risk.


Industry Trend Analysis - Gas Growth Adds To Global Fuels Glut - MAR 2016

Middle East & Africa February 2016 / Iran / Industry

New gas production in Iran is allowing for reduced use of liquid fuels at power stations. Exports of distillate and residual fuel will grow following the ramp-up of South Pars phases 15-18 over 2016, adding to the global fuels glut.


Industry Trend Analysis - Lower Gas Prices Required To Stimulate Demand - MAR 2016

Western Europe February 2016 / Europe / Industry

Increased LNG imports into Europe over 2015 are more a result of pricing dynamics rather than fundamental demand growth for gas. Natural gas prices in Europe will need fall further in order to stimulate demand, lowering the floor for Asian LNG prices and challenging the economics of US LNG exports.