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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - LNG Import Proposal Underscores Weak Upstream Outlook - SEPT 2015

Americas July 2015 / Colombia / Industry

The proposed development of a second LNG regasification terminal in Colombia supports our view that the country will become increasingly reliant on imported natural gas supplies as production growth wanes.


Industry Trend Analysis - Gasoline Market Deficit Will Increase Export Opportunities - SEPT 2015

Asia July 2015 / Asia / Industry

The widening gasoline deficit in Asia's emerging markets over the next decade will provide refiners in the region's developed countries - which are facing stagnant domestic demand - a vital opportunity to export surplus gasoline production.


Regional Overview - CEE: Weak Oil Outlook Buoyed By Gas Growth - SEPT 2015

Emerging Europe July 2015 / Europe / Industry

Oil consumption growth will outpace production growth in the CEE, though gas production growth will exceed consumption growth over the next 10 years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Production Recovery Poses Brent Risk - SEPT 2015

Middle East & Africa July 2015 / Libya / Industry

Successful negotiations to restart the El Feel and El Sharara fields will add over 350,000b/d of oil export volume to the global market in the coming weeks adding to the downward pressure on Brent prices.


Industry Trend Analysis - Strong Project Pipeline Masks Oil Price Impact - SEPT 2015

Western Europe July 2015 / Norway / Industry

A strong project pipeline in 2015 and 2016 will support oil production growth in Norway despite a lower oil price environment. Where other regions will see greater challenges in maintaining production as curbed investment limits new projects, Norway will be supported by the vast Johan Sverdrup development from late 2019.