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Key stories from this month's issue...

Company Trend Analysis - Pipeline Taps Threaten Downstream Liberalisation - JULY 2017

Americas June 2017 / Mexico / Industry

Increased fuel siphoning across Mexico risks reducing private sector interest as the liberalisation process enters the midstream and retail phase. The government's inability to deter theft will ensure its continued growth over the next several years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Further Price Cut Would Support Beijing's Gas Plans - JULY 2017

Asia June 2017 / China / Industry

Natural gas consumption in China will grow at a healthy average annual rate of 9.0% over 2017-2021, as governmental pro-gas policies drive stronger uptake among industrial, rural and transportation sector users. Further downward price revisions pose upside risk to our forecasts, as it will make gas more price-competitive versus alternative fuels, notably coal, and drive stronger fuel-switching among industrial users.


Industry Trend Analysis - IMO Sulphur Cap Offers Lifeline For Refiners - JULY 2017

Emerging Europe June 2017 / Europe / Industry

The IMO regulation to lower sulphur levels in shipping fuel by 2020 will provide European refiners equipped with deeper refining capabilities a much larger market for lower sulphur distillate fuel. With margins expected to tighten in the next two years, this will offer a major boost to refiners from 2020.


Industry Trend Analysis - Prices, Regulations Delay LNG Dreams - JULY 2017

Middle East & Africa June 2017 / Tanzania / Industry

The announced delay to the final investment decision on Tanzania's onshore LNG facility means that the East African country will not become an LNG exporter in our forecast period and is a huge setback for their hydrocarbon sector.


Industry Trend Analysis - Shale Exploration Approaching Crucial Period - JULY 2017

Western Europe June 2017 / United Kingdom / Industry

The results of upcoming drilling tests in several onshore licenses across the UK will be crucial for future momentum of unconventional exploration in the country. Grass-root opposition and bureaucracy will remain the key barriers to growth, and extensive testing will be required to better understand the potential shale resources in the country.