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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Liberalisation Efforts Slow To Take Effect - JUNE 2017

Americas May 2017 / Mexico / Industry

Mexican crude production will remain in decline through 2017 as Pemex directs its funds towards its most profitable assets. A growing focus on deepwater and onshore farmouts will form the basis of future growth but will only materialise post-2020.


Industry Trend Analysis - China Targeting Growing Consumer Market - JUNE 2017

Asia May 2017 / Bangladesh / Industry

Himalaya Energy's acquisition of Chevron's onshore oil and gas assets in Bangladesh allows the firm to establish a foothold in the large and fast-growing Bangladeshi consumer market, while strengthening China's geopolitical influence in the region, as per the goals of its Belt & Road initiative.


Industry Trend Analysis - Market Share Risk From Nord Stream II Delay - JUNE 2017

Emerging Europe May 2017 / Russia / Industry

Russia's natural gas pipeline expansion plans into Europe will continue to face political hurdles, with EU sanctions expected to be rolled over, delaying progress on the Nord Stream II pipeline beyond its targeted 2019 start up.


Industry Trend Analysis - Exploration Looking To Support Pipeline Development - JUNE 2017

Middle East & Africa May 2017 / Kenya / Industry

Cash flow from Tullow Oil's projects in Ghana will help finance exploration in Kenya as Tullow and its partners look to boost recoverable reserves to over 1 billion barrels, supporting project economics of the proposed export pipeline.


Industry Trend Analysis - Scrappage Scheme To Further Erode Fuels Demand - JUNE 2017

Western Europe May 2017 / United Kingdom / Industry

Government plans for a new diesel car scrappage scheme will pose further downside risk to distillate fuel demand in the UK. Over the long term, the UK will experience structural declines in total fuel consumption as improved efficiencies and environmental regulations continue to erode demand.