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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Rising Risk Of Shale Gas Production Cliff - MAY 2016

Americas April 2016 / United States / Industry

We see rising risk that continued price weakness will result in a more dramatic fall in natural gas production in Q116 as producers run through their backlog of uncompleted wells. This would provide much-needed support for benchmark prices given a deficit of seasonal and export demand.


Industry Trend Analysis - Oil Output To Fall As SOEs Cut Spending - MAY 2016

Asia April 2016 / China / Industry

China's crude oil and liquids production is set to decrease at an average rate of 1.8% over the next two years (2016-2017) as sustained weakness in oil prices prompt the country's largest producers to reduce upstream spending and disengage from high-production.


Industry Trend Analysis - Timan-Pechora Offers Patch Of Growth - MAY 2016

Emerging Europe April 2016 / Russia / Industry

Russian oil production will trend down over 2016 as companies struggle to maintain output from declining fields. The Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Timan-Pechora will be among the strongest growing regions for production, helping to maintain output levels in 2016 close to that of 2015.


Industry Trend Analysis - Russia At Risk As Exporters Push Into Europe - MAY 2016

Middle East & Africa April 2016 / Middle East / Industry

Middle East crude exporters are transitioning to dated Brent pricing over BWAVE to make oil sales more attractive in European markets. We expect Russian exports to be most at risk from Middle Eastern attempts to grow market share.


Industry Trend Analysis - Gazprom Revenues To Be Hit But Exports To Hold - APR 2016

Western Europe March 2016 / Europe / Industry

Gazprom's position in the European market will not come under threat from imminent US LNG exports given the safety of its long-term contracts. It will be hurt from falling revenues as the value of its gas export sales declines.