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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Default Risks Not Dimming Positive Stance - SEPT 2014

Americas July 2014 / Argentina / Industry

We maintain our positive view on Argentina's oil and gas sector, a stance reinforced by our Country Risk team's view that Argentina will avoid a sovereign default and come to a negotiated settlement with holdout investors.


Industry News - Limited Ramifications From Carbon Tax Repeal - SEPT 2014

Asia July 2014 / Australia / Economy

We look at the implications of Australia's decision to repeal its carbon tax and have arrived on a number of key conclusions.


Industry News - Shale Delayed By LNG And Arctic - AUG 2014

Emerging Europe July 2014 / Russia / Industry

Limited progression on Russian shale oil projects highlights their unattractiveness next to Arctic and LNG developments. Despite vast potential resources, IOC interest and improved incentives, we expect slow progress on shale oil development and a greater focus to be put on Arctic exploration and LNG.


Industry News - Long-Term Oil Forecast Cut - SEPT 2014

Middle East & Africa July 2014 / Iraq / Industry

We have downgraded our longer-term oil production forecast for Iraq as the unstable political and security environment is less conducive to investment, delaying new project developments. However, we reiterate our view that Iraq's 2014 crude oil output will see little impact from the current increased security concerns.


Industry Trend Analysis - HH-NBP Convergence Underpins Fragile Gas Export Economics - SEPT 2014

Western Europe July 2014 / Europe / Industry

The convergence of Henry Hub and National Balancing Point (NBP) gas prices underscores the changeable and volatile economics of exporting US liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe.