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Key stories from this month's issue...

Economic Analysis - Low Oil Prices And Unorthodox Policy Will Weigh On External Accounts - DEC 2015

Americas October 2015 / Venezuela / Economy

Given the centrality of the oil sector to Venezuelan exports and the collapse of the price of crude, the country's external accounts will be under immense pressure over the coming quarters. Although the government's efforts to limit access to hard currency and the rapid depreciation of the bol?var on the parallel exchange will significantly reduce imports, the current account balance will fall into negative territory for the first time in nearly two decades.


Industry Trend Analysis - Surge In Diesel Exports To Hit Regional Exporters - DEC 2015

Asia October 2015 / China / Industry

Capacity expansions and higher refinery run rates will see China's diesel production increase by 14.9% over the next five years. Weak domestic demand for diesel will direct surplus supplies to the export market and exert downward pressure on diesel prices, which will hit major diesel exporters in the region.


Industry Trend Analysis - No Diversification Away From Gas - DEC 2015

Emerging Europe October 2015 / Turkmenistan / Industry

There are no incentives that will spur Turkmenistan to diversify away from gas-fired power generation, as large gas reserves will allow the country to meet its export commitments comfortably. This means that the Turkmen power sector will remain wholly reliant on its gas segment over our 10-year forecast.


Industry Trend Analysis - Subsidy Cuts Needed As Upstream Complexity Increases - DEC 2015

Middle East & Africa October 2015 / Egypt / Industry

Egypt has indicated it will reduce energy subsidies further by mid-2016, supporting momentum behind energy sector reform. This will be crucial to upstream development with the complexity and cost of new oil and gas projects increasing.


Industry Trend Analysis - Total Capex Cut Will Not Dent Oversupply - DEC 2015

Western Europe October 2015 / Europe / Industry

Total's capex reduction will do little to reduce the dearth of oil expected from the juggernaut of new projects in the coming three years. Large oil companies will position to protect their dividend in a prolonged low oil price and higher borrowing cost environment, putting LNG and technically challenging projects at risk.