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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Brightening Production Outlook, But Risks Remain - AUG 2014

Americas July 2014 / Bolivia / Industry

We have turned modestly more optimistic toward Bolivia's long-term gas production outlook in recent months, highlighting potential for rising investment into the sector to buoy production. However, with total reserves still modest, we note that there is some risk that this could stymie long-term production gains.


Industry News - Woodside Sell Reiterates Weak LNG Sentiment - AUG 2014

Asia July 2014 / Australia / Industry

While Shell's farming-down of its interest in Woodside Petroleum was widely anticipated by the industry, the reduction of its exposure to Australia also reiterates the weak outlook of Australia's LNG market.


Industry News - Shale Delayed By LNG And Arctic - AUG 2014

Emerging Europe July 2014 / Russia / Industry

Limited progression on Russian shale oil projects highlights their unattractiveness next to Arctic and LNG developments. Despite vast potential resources, IOC interest and improved incentives, we expect slow progress on shale oil development and a greater focus to be put on Arctic exploration and LNG.


Political Risk Analysis - No Immediate Threat To Oil Supply - AUG 2014

Middle East & Africa July 2014 / Iraq / Economy

We see no immediate threat to Iraqi oil supplies from attacks by the Islamist militant group ISIS, and we maintain our Brent forecast of USD108/bbl for 2014. We do not expect major gains for ISIS in the oil-producing south, as government support is much stronger and the willingness of military forces to defend the region is significantly higher.


Industry Trend Analysis - North Sea Cost Pressures Reward Brownfield Expertise - AUG 2014

Western Europe July 2014 / Europe / Industry

We see continued strong capex into field redevelopment and optimisation projects in the UK and Norwegian North Seas. This will be driven by higher industry cost structures making new standalone projects less attractive, while prudence with capital expenditure will see a greater focus on lower cost, higher margin developments.