Industry Trend Analysis - Nord Stream-2 Faces Uncertain Future - JAN 2018

BMI View : In November, the European Commission presented an amendment to the Gas Directive, aiming to extend EU energy market regulation to cover offshore pipelines. The proposal, suggest s the implementation of the ownership unbundling rule and the provision of third-party access, would render the Nord Stream-2 project less profitable.

On November 8, the European Commission proposed an amendment to the Gas Directive of 2009 that would extend EU energy market rules to cover gas import pipelines from third countries. According to the proposal, all new and existing pipelines would be required to meet four principles: transparent reporting, third-party access to pipelines, non-discriminatory tariffs and ownership unbundling. As a result, all offshore pipelines would be subject to the third energy package regulation.

Nord Stream-2 At Risk

Nord Stream Expansion Facing Challenges
Russia's Major Gas Pipeline Infrastructure In Europe
Source: Gazprom, BMI

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